Well over the weekend I ripped a CV boot Question is does anybody know if a...

Well over the weekend I ripped a CV boot. Question is does anybody know if a aftermarket boot will work to fix it or do I have to replace it with a boot from Kawasaki

  • Aftermarket for sure will work and better IMO. Stock boots suck. They are too rigid. Moose fast boots have served me well on my T4. They are much more plyable and 1/2 the cost. The clamp that comes with them some don't like but honestly I haven't had one fail but they are awkward. I have replaced every boot I have with these as they cracked/ tore.

  • I lossed both of my rear boots from ice and snow.. I run tracks.. How are the moose ones akward ???

  • Just the clamps they come with are awkward.

  • Just bought a Quad Boss replacement boot.. It comes with boot, grease, and clamps and also comes with a cone shaped tool for people that don't know how to remove knuckle or don't want to. Price is 25$. If not sure how to use it YouTube has a video. Typed in quadboss replacement boot install.

  • Perfect! Yeah I made a cone shaped tool out of a funnel. It looks like there is no way that the small end of the boot will slide ove the knuckle but it will.

  • I just popped the end knuckle off. Made it easier to get all the old grease out of the joint. Just held one end and hit the knuckle with a rubber mallet came right off.