Well opted for the R G rad guard in the end. Mainly on price ease of fitment

Well, opted for the R & G rad guard in the end. Mainly on price & ease of fitment. Plus R & G make a good product in my experience. Thanks to all who provided advice. Much appreciated :)

  • If youve got this one, then the cut out at the top is so the plastic panel dosent rub.

    Should be alright chap. If you do go for the downpipe grill, i fitted that before fitting the rad guard, and had to tweek and bend it a bit :-)

  • Ahhh! Cheers David. Yes, it does have the cut out at the top! :)

  • Be fine mate. Shouldnt rub then :-).

  • Thanks for the advice David! Much appreciated!!

  • Happy to pass on my experiences with bits and pieces ive used and fitted mate.

    Just got to rebuild mine and get it back on the road. Fix the brakes fromt and rear, and rebuild the front forks :-)

  • Fair play mate. Hope you get your ZZR back on the road soon! :)

  • Grrr! Why isn't mine that shape!!??

  • Hey Lee. I've sent you a message regarding denali soundbomb. I remember you said you've got one and was wondering if I could pick your brains? I've started fitting mine but wondered about positioning.

  • Sorry mate, you must have confused me with someone else. I don't have a sound bomb, but I am thinking about buying one.

  • Ahh no worries. It's mega loud, I've bought really split and looking at where to put it. If you get one I'll let you know how I get on!

  • Thanks mate. I have heard they're a pain to fit because there is no where to fit them..

  • I reckon I've got it sorted, I'll know for sure once the fairings are back on. I've managed to fit my scotoiler successfully and that was hard enough lol. Not much room in these bikes haha

  • I've still got that to fit. Lol

  • If you get stuck on position give me a shout and I'll send pictures mate.

  • You haven't got the gap at the top of your grill Lee?? Oooo. Tough break!!! ;) lol ;)

  • Fitted mine without no probs

  • I have the split fitted to mine Stuart Davies. Be more then happy to lend a hand mate

  • Thats because lee has the old one :-)

  • Nice one David. I'll send you a message now!

  • Ok mate

  • I find it makes your bike run hotter fan comes in as soon as your in traffic

  • I always have inferior equipment, well that's what my wife keeps saying.

  • I guess it could restrict a bit of air flow Philip. Though the bikes run hot anyway. As long as fan cools things, shouldn't be a problem I reckon :)