Well not a good day here Went out to go for a motorcycle ride this morning and...


Well not a good day here. Went out to go for a motorcycle ride this morning and hit the starter. All I got was a bunch of fast clicking. Checked battery volts. Read 11 volts. Charged to 13.8 volts. Hit starter. Engine roller over maybe 1 turn then just fast clicking again and volts dropped to 10 volts. So I'm guessing the battery is bad. GRRRRRRRRRRR

07 V2K.

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  • Yea sounds like mine did a couple months ago replaced battery good to go

  • Mine did exactly the same today. But my battery must only be a few months old.

  • Have no idea how old mine is. I bought the bike in 2014 used and the battery was in it.

  • But didn't get around to starting the bike up for two weeks.

  • Don't forget, we have electronics on these bikes that are continuously making a draw on the electrical system, and as such, will draw down your battery as it sits idle. A battery tender is almost necessary, unless you are riding every day.

  • Well I do normally put mine on the tender. It wasn't this time but rode it Friday afternoon. So it should have been fine for that day and a half. It has set a week not on the tender and started fine.

  • I know just with recent travelling, I don't have a garage and it can rain several times a day over here. But I need to do something. My driveway is very steep up hill so I had to push up and over in order to roll down the other side and bunk start the bike. Nearly passed out with the heat and exhaustion. All was good after.

  • but how long did you ride?

  • Over 200 miles.

  • Starter lockout switch. Ask me how I know. Dereck Meigs

  • It does it when your battery is shit. Put a good hot battery in it to fix

  • Ha ha I know you know!

  • Well it only gets worse from here. Went out to Interstate Batterys to get a new battery. Was pulling into the parking lot and a lady backs out of the stall she was parked in and hits me right in the drivers side of my car. Got the left front fender and drivers door. Right where they meet. Not real bad. She said: "I didn't see you". Really, I'm only driving a big white box. Just is not my day. Oh and after all this they didn't have the battery I need. They will get it tomorrow.