Well lads new loom come today for the zed fitted it all went to fire her up and...


Well lads new loom come today for the zed, fitted it all, went to fire her up and nothing, ive got ignition lights , bike turns over but no spark, everything seems to bbe working but I dont have no indicators, no horn either, all earths fuses etc have been checked, does anyone think the electrical fire could have done damage to the cdi unit?

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  • Have you still got the fuse box Mark Harris

  • Recheck the earth's for indis, check for power at coils. A test lamp will do

  • Its all done now, the new harness I got for the bike came of a 1996 my bike is a 1993, 1996 they changed the harness and fuse box, so all I need is a fuse box from 1996 onwards, Darren Yimyam Ball lent me his to try and everything works perfect as it should,

  • As you can see from the wiring diagrams theres more fuses in the new models than my model,

  • Yea mate

  • Have you a new fuse box? dk at newcastle under lyme or maybe a company called zed parts

  • Theres a bloke in Wolverhampton whos broke one, he only wants £10 for it, so all good,

  • Im after a fuse box with the kawasaki part number 26021-1090, the one in Wolverhampton is the same as I already have, the zed 1100 d3 - d8 is the one I'm after also kawasaki use the same fuse box on a zx6r zx636r and the er6