Well its looks like a exciting times for the versys a new look which like all...


Well its looks like a exciting times for the versys a new look ,which like all changes will divide opinion ,the original was Fugly but won many over with its abilities, the upgrade was improvement on looks ,but a big pair of crash guards and some all purpose tyres and it looked a different bike again ,I'm sure the new one will win over as many converts as it annoys the ones who loved the old shape

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  • Yeah, by '08 model really isn't the best looking girl at the prom. But she's got some skills.

  • I really like the original and wasn't keen on the stacked headlight, like the new model better than the last.

  • I still have my 08!

  • Still loving my 09, no reason to trade yet.

  • I wonder if the headlight spread will be as good? The Versys has the best STOCK headlights of any bike I have owned.

  • With the right bulb.

  • This new front is surely going to appeal to a much wider audience, and that's what production wants. I personally have doubts on the safety side: Just one of the lights seems to be half beam... My old Ninja used the same method, and it was awful, bordering on downright dangerous. On right bends the beam would go so low, that you couldn't see the road. Maybe this won't be the case, but I would make both the lights half & high beam by law, if you want them side by side and not centered...

  • On the purely personal taste I liked the mk2 best. Also: no traction control, it seems?!? That would be unacceptable. In spite of the limited power, I found myself in trouble a couple of times, on unknown roads. And my other bike is a Tnt, I'm not exactly a newbie. When touring you never know what's the tarmac like, after a curve...