Well I made the fork free I intend to replace the seals without removing the...


Well, I made the fork free, I intend to replace the seals without removing the front fork... Discovered I also have a hefty cleaning job waiting; everything is covered in oil and dirt... :( Also I discovered a crack in the mount of the back mudguard (2 pieces) Is it possible to glue this with cyanoacryllic glue? (superglue)

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  • yeah; I can turn the jack up to win enough space to slide the outer fork off... The bike is a bit wobbly on the centerstand & jack... I put the wheel back in for safety, I will remove it again when I proceed

  • It's (a lot) more work then I anticipated... but it really needs to be done...

  • I feel for you Roland... I'll keep you guys posted...

  • If gluing of the mudguard doesnt work, I will dissolve a black piece of Lego in MEK (Methyl ethyl Keton; degreasing fluid) this will work and can also be used to repair fairings...

  • Having done a few fork seals in the past, I'd be very surprised if you can get them apart without removing them.

    For the plastics superglue can work. Use sodium bicarb powder as a filler. Otherwise I'd suggest proper plastic welding, but it's not the easiest thing in the world.

  • https://goo.gl/images/nrjGqJ

    I've used this in the past to some success.

    (patience and practice essential)

  • I've also used araldite in the past on panels. By fileing a v on both sides, then drilling 2mm holes along the crack (another at the end of it) and filling it and reinforcing the area with the epoxy.

  • Acetone should work as well!

  • You would need to get the bike up pretty high to remove the fork lowers ,without the tops. As for the mudguard you will be better off buying another one .As the C model one is a lot better built than the D's rubbish thing, they are therefore easier to find and cheaper too .

  • It's the back mudguard.

  • same still applies , better off replacing .

  • Unless he means the back half of the front mudguard?

  • As the forks are off and dismantled i would have thought he meant the front one .

  • I don't understand why your trying to change the seals without removing the forks . You'll never get the bike high enough and surely you want to clean and inspect the tubes and internals .