Well I m thinking on buying these tires for my teryx Just wanting to ask...

Well I'm thinking on buying these tires for my teryx. Just wanting to ask everyone what they think. I just want a tire that can hold up to hard top roads. I have already ordered arched A-arms and a 2inch lift with a set of 15inch HD rims.

  • My friend has this on his maverick good times

  • I am thinking about getting them in a 30

  • John W Main, Roman McDonald, your thoughts.

  • For hard pack and rocks, they've done great for me. Average in the sand. John has had issues with sidewalls but I haven't had any failures *knock on wood*

  • Yeah I'm not a fan of the Mongol tires they don't stand up well on the T Rex they wear fast and they're prone to sidewall injuries if you have any doubts ask your local tire representative

  • I would also add, from what I have been told, if you do not run at recommended pressure you will have issues. Which adds up to a rough ride and traction problems.

  • On the other hand, they sat on the podium at King of Hammers. Which is to say "your mileage may vary". lol

  • Luke Taylor thoughts?

  • Tensor Tires all the way don't short change yourself ask around. People love them and they are great for how we ride in Az

  • I totally agree on the Tensor tires.

  • Tensors will be my next tire

  • Me too ^

  • The mongrel is a great tire for all terrain and conditions as long as you don't use beadlock wheels and never run less then 10 pounds of air.

    If you air them down you Will cut the tire between the bead lock ring and the bead of the tire. I ran them for the last 2 years and had to replace 4 tires in that time.

  • Same scenario I ran them for 2 years and had to replace 2 due to sidewall injuries

  • After talking to several dealers mongrel reps are doing some warranties for this problem

  • I wish. I've looked into that. If they are now that sucks.

    For me. Lol I just threw 2 away last week

  • The way I understand they were doing it they would give you half off of a new tire but you have to do it through whoever you bought it for her so if you bought it online you're SOL

  • Rockymountainatv.com.

    Plus I wouldn't pay half price anyway. I found a better tire for less money.

    I do have 3 good 28" mongrels for sell.