Well i have done compression test on my D not good news for me time for an...


Well i have done compression test on my D, not good news for me time for an engine rebuild i think, they ranged from 30 - 90 psi :/

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  • I will concede that a d beats a c for changing the headlight bulb, due to that little hatch at the front ! Sooo much easier , I did mine today .

  • so the D is faster than the C the Colin lol :) finally u admit it lol

  • Nope the 5kg headlight bulb is a little heavy :D

  • lol :D

  • It's only 5kg heavier to give the c a chance! :) oh not again!!!!!

  • this is why the D has biggeer brakes discs ...... to slow the extra speed, not the weight :D

  • The c will take that 'chance' everytime :D

  • well its a gamble if they work or not on either model with std calipers lol :D

  • And so it begins again again again lol

  • must say i have a very slow D whislt its being fixed up lol

  • Found that link Ian, but it's for a gearbox rebuild :( still interesting though: http://www.zzr-rg.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t= 2391&hilit=engine+rebuild+gazzyv+2nd+gear

  • cheers steve

  • finally some good news my mate has a spare set of barrels if needed (y)