well how pissed off am i immensly i took the 1400 out for a bimble and after...


well how pissed off am i,,, immensly,,, i took the 1400 out for a bimble and after about 60 miles coming back from avesco in watford i stop at the junction waiting to turn right into traffic (i am immensly protective of my bike ) and as i pulled away the cooling fan cut in and brought the revs down and stalled the bike, and you guessed it , id already got my foot up, so i stamped my right foot to the floor only to have it dragged under the bike, at this point i was thinking no no no use leg to protect bike, but no. it got the better of me and i lay it down as gently as i could, , then picked her up and inspected the damage, FFS i did a stall fall at less than 1 mph and its scratched the living shit out of the right hand side,, SO HAS ANYONE GOT A SET OF STABILISERS TO FIT MY ZZR 1400 ,,,

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  • Its one of the slow motion moments from hell.

    Ive done it on other bikes.not stalling but ,by not putting the side stand fully out, catching the bike and having a heman moment to right it.

  • I think it a special "trip you up" meter they build into motorcycles , every so often this meter gizmo detects when you not paying attention, and some gyroscopic force trips in and throws the bike to one side, there for catching the rider out.

    The moral is ( including myself) always pay full attention to your beast !!!!!! Or it will bite you in the wallet

  • Gravity is a bitch

  • Yeah, done the same!! Belly pan scratched. Although Kawasaki sent me touch up paint and you can't see it at all

  • the zzr god is smiling upon me, i just went over the gravel rash on the mid fairing with a black permanent marker and wow much better.lol

  • Done it myself, managed to lay it really gently but got some scratches on the belly pan.

  • Ur better put on a supergyro

  • Dropped mine in a hotel carpark in Belgium last month. Had a full tank of fuel and a heavy tank bag. I was concentrating so hard on putting it in gear so it didn't roll off the stand, that I forgot to put the stand down. Leant it over and by the time I realised the stand wasn't down, it was too late and the bike went down, dumping me into the flower bed.

  • Mines gained a nasty sticker to hide my whoopsie

  • Will be better in spring once she's been re sprayed so I can lose the sticker

  • There are two types of motorcycles out there, those that have been down and those that will go down. Look at the bright side now that it is done you don't have to do it again...