Well got into a spot of bother Saturday Made it to 132miles then switched to...


Well got into a spot of bother Saturday.. Made it to 132miles then switched to reserve and she died and wouldn't idle or start.. So put petrol in her and still no go.. So pushed her home.. So carb strip down.. Found water in the filter and float bowls.. Cleaned and reassembled new filter.. So put a hose on tank and switch to reserve and this is what came out... So guessing the tank rubber seal is buggered.. Is there a replacement seals???

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  • Yeah!!

  • There's a nice idea... you get about 300 yards when the fuel finally goes on the C

  • But the c has a flashing light I was told

  • 2 flashing lights!

    and a 25 year old resistor the determine the level...

  • mines never worked, I go by the mileage on the Clock

  • And how many miles do you get?? Mine 132 mile about 215km which is 32 miles up from before I did my carbs and balanced them..

  • That's before reserve

  • last time I ran out I was on 125 but I didn't fill it all the way. I put 15 litres in around the 140 mark. in town

  • Had exactly the same problem, bad petrol from supermarket! Stripped and cleaned carbs/system, but still plays up on reserve. I had to use choke as throttle when went on reserve

  • there is an additive you can put in the tank to disperse water.

    cheap fuel always fucks with me. lent my buddy a bike, came back with a full tank and perished fuel hoses

  • I now put bottle of Meths in every month or so,absorbs any water and gives clean burn

  • Yeah I usually do that too but I think to much is getting into tank.. So for time being I'll glad wrap cap then cover whole bike.. As well as regular drain of reserve and add meth lol

  • Left bike uncovered for week during torrential rain,wouldn't start,rain had got in air ducts under headlight and entered airbox

  • Bigger!!!

  • That is roughly the same as mine Mark.

  • Mark I normally refill at 150 miles, but I often get 180 miles before refuelling. D9 model and it is ridden ' briskly' !

  • Really?? I've a 4 into 1 and carbs set at 2 and half tunes out...?? What's yours?? Is that including reserve???

  • Mines a d2

  • Mark, I've not touched the carbs so don't know how they are set up. I leave the fuel tap on reserve all the time. I definitely get well over 150 miles to a tank as I said, and have gone over 180 a few times on long motorway runs (with a twitchy foo foo until I find a petrol station)!

  • Sweet as!!!