Well good morning everyone

Well good morning everyone ..

I'm only 3 weeks into the new job and commuting and had 2 altercation's already 1 with a scooter and one with a rather irate cyclist who thought I was filtering too slow

  • Only 2? maybe you're the problem mate lol

  • Don't criticize ben think about Al Randall s feelings his been tucked up by a ped and a push bike don't you think he's in enough pain lol

  • Water off a ducks back

  • Great, the forecast's back.... I haven't been out for days ;-)

  • Sorry pat ..

  • Lol Al, Nice one

  • Here you go Al, forget about all that 'playing nice' s#?t........ :-) Kiddin mate, keep on being 'our Al'.... weather wouldn't be the same without you...... ;-) ;-)