Well folks my dub is toast Lying in hospital with dislocated foot and broken...


Well folks my dub is toast. Lying in hospital with dislocated foot and broken tibia and fibia, damn loved that motorcycle.

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  • Heal fast Brian, bikes can be replaced

  • Very true Marcus. Thank you.

  • Best wishes for a quick recovery!

  • Brian, sorry to know you are injured. :-) I wish you a speedy Bruv.

  • Sorry to hear, hope you heal up soon. W can be replaced when you're ready!

  • Get well!! You'll probably be able to part the Dub out and with the $ get a nice replacement.

  • From Melbourne: Get well OM. You havr great attitude.

  • Get well soon Brian the bike can be replaced keep your chin up you'll be back in the saddle soon.

  • Wish yo a good recovery. Soon you'll be back on the road.

  • bad one,get well soon fella

  • Your here! Mend-up, and twist that throttle!

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery from your NZ fellow dub owners.