Well after a frankly embarrassing trip around the west coast of Scotland the...

Well after a frankly embarrassing trip around the west coast of Scotland the very, very first job after getting home was to put the baffle in the Brock. (I had a kindly minibus driver ask me if the bike was broken as we were stopped at lights and so many raised eyebrows and annoyed looks that I now know there are limits to the 'be heard' mantra I've chanted for years!)

  • Sorry

  • It's a tricky balance...

    Me recipe is Yoshimura full race 4-1 = perfect sound & performance combo.

  • And you're worried about what a minibus driver says about your bike!!!! Man up lol

  • If your getting a Brock you'll hear what I mean soon enough. It's weird as it sort of had the feel of a scrambler about it! Baffle doesn't harm the increase in bhp and it's still plenty loud with it in

  • Gonna get the 'Alien head' version. Perhaps a bit different from yours.

  • You getting a remap or a power commander? I got a PC and dyno tune went from 194 to just under 207 bhp so the pipe definitely does what it says on the tin

  • Will get the reflash once all mods are done. Someone tempting me with a brand new pcv for £250 at the mo.

  • Taking the baffles out gains around 1hp, not really worth all the trouble it causes.

    The more you irritate non bikers, the more ways they think of to stop us riding...or kill us. Loud exhausts don't save lives, they just irritate and annoy people.

    It isn't very pleasant having a poorly baby and you finally get them to sleep only to have a knob with a loud exhaust wake them up.

    I particularly like being woken up after only a few hours sleep before I have to drive a coach load of children across Europe. Doubt you'd be too pleased if I fell asleep at the wheel and killed one of your loved one's. I'm sure it'll be ok once I mention it was a loud exghaust that woke me up, though.

    Your actions can have serious, even lethal consequences all because you don't give a toss and think you look cool with that loud exhaust on your bike.

  • WTF Lee. Calm down! No one is talking about loud exhausts here. Why you are having a rant about getting woken up by a loud exhaust is straight over my head.

    It was an observation about somebody commenting on how your bike sounds. You need to get a grip on reality and stop summising about a situation which is completely ridiculous.

    You need more sleep my friend.