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    • Because one can.

    • what ever rex

    • Sorry but it's a pretty ordinary mass-produced mildly-charming Japanese motorcycle. Cheap with a few nice quirks. That makes it ripe for customisation. Don't get protective over it. Respectfully I think you're the one who's making it out to be something it isn't!

      When a man spends his hard earned money on a material possession he should be able to do what he wants with it. I assure you the Kawasaki designers would be delighted if their sales increased because more people wanted to put ape-bars on their Ws.

    • That man is free to do what he wants with his money and his possession. Carry on! :)

      Just us stating our personal opinions, since the photos were put up and hence, inviting our feedback. I have no ill-feelings towards such owners and their adventurous-ness... ;)

      For the record, in Malaysia at least, the W doesn't seem "mass-produced" (for now), since the W650 was introduced back in 2007. There are less than 100 W650 & W800 in total in Malaysia, if I'm not mistaken.

    • yer i like my w the way it is with only a couple of mild changes to suit myself whatever anyone else does to there bike is there biusness as opinioun

    • Those wheels really are special. Really top class work. Gotta link to more pics?

    • you want too £"(! around with a twin? use one of these!!!

    • 《《《 s h u d d e r 》》》

    • Or those spokeless (and hubless) wheels very popular in the US...