Welcome to all the latest members while I ve been away on holiday


Welcome to all the latest members while I've been away on holiday.

Now then, I'm in need of new fork seals so any recommendations before I jump on fleabay and buy any old rubbish?

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  • All balls racing

  • I can get you a price on some (with a zzr appreciation society discount ;) ) if you'd like

  • I need the dust seals as well Gavin.

  • How much for seals, covers and oil Gavin? I live in Sussex. Have looked on Ebay and it is around £30 delivered. Silkolene oil but no make on the seals and covers?

  • I need the yr of ya bike bud

  • 92c Gavin...cheers

  • 90c in my case.

  • £22.50 for the oil & dust seals .. Inc p&p

  • I just need the seals matey.

  • That's what I've quoted for bud, the oil seals and the dust seals

  • Doh!! I read that wrong pmsl.

  • Haha .. I could have written it clearer as well I suppose .. lol

  • Yeah I blame you obviously haha

  • Normal price on those would be 31.50

  • Haha

  • How do I pay?

  • Via bank transfer would be good, then no money is taken by paypal

  • Okillly dokilly. PM the the info and I'll get on it.

  • Inbox me your address .. You should have the seals Thursday, I'll pop them in the post tomorrow

  • Here 25 Euro seals and oil.

  • Alan, I can get you both for £25

  • 90 and 91.

  • Is that for a pair of each Gavin? I defo need some for my 1990 ZZR. Sorry, just to clarify I need two oil seals and two dust seals and enough oil too.

  • Bartholomeus Henricus Antonius Brummer .. £22.50 is for the oil seals x2 and the dust seals x2 and you'll need a ltr of 10w fork oil .. I sell motorex .. but to be honest with postage it would be cheaper for you to order that via eBay.

  • Will PM you.

  • Already ordered them from Gavin, Sheena but thanks anyway.

  • No probs bud x