We took everyone s good advice and here s our new ride 15 t4 le Glad you all...

We took everyone's good advice and here's our new ride - '15 t4 le. Glad you all are here cause now the real questions begin. First up- how hard/easy do you run it during break in? Second- dealer said shifting from 2 to 4 was on the fly but manual says complete stop to change. What does everyone else do? Thanks to all of you!

  • On the fly is best. Below 15 mph. The actuator cant work if the diff is not moving

  • Any shifting is a dead stop I have a 12 T 4 I've got about 4100 miles on it now other than normal maintenance no problem

  • Shifting gears yes, complete stop. And ive always broken my toys in hard, just like im gonna drive it. Never had an issue

  • Agreed Dean break it in like you're going to use it

  • I broke mine in 120 miles no more than half throttle.

  • It's a testament to the quality of modern manufacturing these days that you can probably not break in new vehicles, and get away with it. But there is no logical engineering argument for not doing so.

  • Sweet pic, Bob! I bought the same one!

  • That's awesome Joel Davis how long have you had yours?

  • I got a 12 model T4, when shifting between 2 and 4 wheel drive I slow down to about 2 to 3 miles an hour and it shifts perfectly. Going between High and Low I always stop. Never had a problems so far.

  • You know, I go from 2wd to 4wd on the fly, but a lot of times it is a pain getting out of 4wd after that.