We live in UK My two years old son was diagnosed with KD 4 days ago We ve...


We live in UK. My two years old son was diagnosed with KD 4 days ago. We've just came back from hospital and need to wait for a heart echo.

I cannot find a place for myself

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  • Just remember in everything, you see/hear more of the bad. Most parents here are looking for help and answers like you. There are successful outcomes. We all understand your feelings, express them as needed. When and if you can find my post from a few days ago, a 35+ yr success story, before kd tests and medication the only treatment was mega doses of aspirin. Prayers for you and yours.

  • We are in the U.K and are a year down the line. It gets easier I promise.

  • Thanks for sharing. I have been struggling too but wasn't sure if it was just me. I think it's the unknown that can also contribute to this. First the scare then the uncertainty and I feel I have no control or power. Then people say snotty things and it spirals my mood. Hope you find peace.

  • Thank you all!

  • Hey little man ❤️ he is gorgeous Daria! We are in Ireland. Did your son have treatment for KD?

  • Take one day at a time...we are living proof that it works. Its tough...you are allowed all the emotions you feel. But keep hope in ypur pocket and that smile in your heart. X

  • Thank you

  • Thank you Heather

  • When you're ready treat yourself to some counselling, I did and it really helped me! Not straight away though, give yourself time first! My son is 21 years post KD and doing really well! He is a strapping, loving kind young man with a bright future ahead of him! :) xx

  • my daughter was diagnosed on day 19. she was 2yrs old. she took 4 asprin 4times a day. her 1 month followup she had 2 aneurysms. 3.8mm and 4.8mm. we were told to hope they didn't grow any larger and that she'd be on blood thinner the rest of her life. just 2 months shy of 2yr follow up her Aneurysms We're Gone! Her heart valves looked normal. message any of us kd mom's if ur up sleepless nights we are listening ear. friends and family don't quite understand what ur going thru stay strong

  • thank you Julie

  • lovely Ladies, I got the best bday present I could've ever imagined! After 7days from diagnosis my son's heart looks normal

  • Wonderful news!! ❤️