We are going to my son s 6 month follow up with his allergist immunologist for...


We are going to my son's 6 month follow up with his allergist/immunologist for his medication management of his asthma & check his lung function. He is back on inhaled corticosteroids, seems to be protecting his lungs, but he's had his wheeze/cough back last few days. Stuffy dry nose. Using saline, humidifier, steam. I have taken him off Zyrtec the last week bc he's been so dry. Also on RX Zantac for his GERD. What can I ask him about post KD immune problems! Is there a test I need to ask for? Anyone ever used or heard of Cromolyn?? Anyone with any experience with post asthma,allergies & sees allergist/immunologist can give me feedback. He can't even tolerate swimming pools. We are switching ours to salt. 3y post KD! 7years old. Any feedback appreciated

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  • I am also doing Flonase QD & mucinex prn

  • We always add in singulair in the winter along with inhalers and nebs - definitely helps him.

  • I've had horrible allergy/sinus issues, and I had KD at 20 months old. I'm allergic to pretty much everything outside, per the allergy test. Year around I have to take Zyrtec and Flonase. I use a humidifier beside my bed, too. I take mucinex when I start to feel sick. I also use a Neti pot to help with sinuses

  • On singulair! Had some allergy testing at reg Dr.

  • Nothing to outside environment showed. Lots of food but not enough to eliminate from diet. Well I add almond milk.

  • Might be worth seeing is he still refluxing even on meds - might be aspirating???

  • Not much, we are here now. Just did nasal swab & breathing test. Lungs are good! Sinuses seem blocked again.. possible thrush again

  • Glad lungs are good!! I know my sons sinus cavity showed up massively blocked on MRI. I found my GERD kids to have a low immunity to be honest

  • Ok going to gastroenterologist Feb 20. Since he's on high dose Qvar 80mcg & cough & post nasal still present & on Zantac it's time probably for scope! Possibility of eosinophilic esophagitis. We are increasing Zyrtec to twice daily & if cough still present he may do anitibiotic. If cough is better he may lower Qvar to 40mcg bc he gets thrush no matter precautions & could cause stuffy nose as side effect! It's a trial & error time! Low immune systems just suck!!!

  • Sorry he's going through all of this I know it's hard

  • No this will be first scope, heart is clear!

  • Last echo was this Oct