Wat polish wax u all using guys I m a fan of Autoglym Resin Polish but always...


Wat polish/wax u all using guys, I'm a fan of Autoglym Resin Polish but always willing to try anything,but not come across anything better as of yet..

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  • Depends what for pal

  • Making my bike shine..

  • Well i use there professional products but i use machine polishers for them but i used this as my replacement Autoglym..... It has an abrasive nature but isnt as harsh as machine ones dont worry lol.... Cover panel by panel follow instruction...and you will be amazed...after a few times the swirls should have gone...take your time and dont rush!

  • I'll order some up n give it a go..

  • WD 40 all the way good stuff

  • Wd40 Polish ???

  • Mer is the best

  • If you like Mer try the Farecia G3 I recommended earlier in the thread . . Farecia also make Mer . . I swapped FROM Mer, Autoglym, Zymol and Meguiars to Farecia . . . I still use the Meguiars metal polish though for the link pipes removes bluing . . :)

  • Dont like meguirs. Il try the farecia tho