Wat do you think about the zzr 1400 2010 version Did it accelerate as fast as...

Wat do you think about the zzr 1400 2010 version? Did it accelerate as fast as the New version ? Wat are the biggest differences with the newer version ?

What about consumption at normal speed?

When are the Great Costs?

  • personally I think the 2010 is the best.... obviously the gen2 has improvements but at a price

  • The Gen2 is an all round better bike if u can afford it as its a revised version..but the Gen1 or the 2010 model Yur referring to is a still a great bike

  • Have no experience of the gen 2 but I am told the first gen is more rewarding to ride.

  • I was at kworld live last saturday i took new 14 on a run very smooth planted and a pleasure to ride but so is my gen 1 ive never had electronics on any bike so there not a miss nor abs if i didnt have the gen 1 and had the money to buy new i wouldnt hesitate but kawasaki knew what they were upto when gen 1 was introduced its a fantastic machine and the ride on the gen 2 at the weekend makes me appreciate it even more

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