Wanted to thank the guys for the advice on my lifter noise Followed it to the...

Wanted to thank the guys for the advice on my lifter noise. Followed it to the letter. 8oz. Of sea foam, rode 150 miles. Then put in Rotella T6 and filter. Sounds beautiful again, and growls like a Beast.

  • Got to ask. What does the sea foam do ?

  • 150 miles? Didn't know you could leave it in that long.. how many miles on your bike?

  • Cleans up the gunk. Neither did I. Worked like a charm.

  • How many miles does your bike have

  • 28000

  • Looks like ill be doing that too

  • I just did easy riding around town. No highway cause I was still nervous.

  • Once upon a time a wrench advised me to use the Honda version of Sea Foam, run it on the highway for an hour like a scalded dog, then do the T6. My bike at the time was a 1500 Nomad. She smoked like a Peterbuilt for 30 minutes, carbon deposits burning off, I cringed every one of those minutes. After the ordeal she ran better than new. Now I run Sea Foam about twice a year on my VN2000 and never have had issues.

  • What's the honda version?

  • Ran some sea foam through my 07 2000. Runs great now!

  • Don't recall the specific name, it was sold to me about 8 or 9 years ago. I'm sure if you run into a Honda dealership and ask for something to get carbon deposits off they will sell you the same stuff.

  • How do use sea foam? you drain your oil then put sea-foam and then ride it 150 miles ? Or do you put it in with the oil that's already in there

  • Add it to your oil. Then change it. After the ride

  • Before you change your oil add sea foam then change the oil.

  • Yep, add it to existing oil. Drive the miles then change it.

  • Hummmm how much are you sapped to add ? Do you ride normal ? Or easy ?

  • 8 ounces then I rode it normal which for me is mainly highway

  • Zach Draper thanks bro.

  • You guys drain a lil then put it it? Or put it in and go a lil over cap?

  • I don't think I have enough miles on mine to need this but - What if ur version of normal is running it like a scalded dog? Still 150 miles?

  • My guess is that you will have little to no carbon buildup.... Too fast ;-)

  • Hey I may slow down at some point

  • You'll hear the difference when it quits knocking. Change it then. There's no set mileage point to change.

  • I just added no draining