Wanted t4 stock exhaust


Wanted complete exhaust pipe muffler all of it PayPal ready.

%d comments
  • Good luck .i post the same thing about 4 daya ago one guy responed and he wont reply at all

  • Anyone have a fmf or other brand muffler? Mine came without one.

  • I have a few stock pipes but no silencers. I can get you pics in a few if you're interested.

  • Yama Tom I have the fmf you asked about. I am out of town for work. Contact me Friday when I am home and I will s me pics

  • Will do thank you

  • Any aftermarket silencers?

  • I have a few but I may have to use them if I can't find the matching silencers for my pipes.

  • Ok. Thanks.

  • I don't have stock silencers, but at least 2 headpiped

  • I will thank you

  • Pics and price

  • Brian Osborne pm sent.

  • I got a few pipes laying around. If no one helps you out let me know