• Wanted front turn signal assembly Checking to see who has a spare laying...

    Wanted: front turn signal assembly. Checking to see who has a spare laying around before giving big money to a parts warehouse. Limited to United States only due to expensive shipping costs.

    Almost finished with my rebuild.

    • They are like $30.00 on ebay.

    • I tried one of the many copies available on ebay and can't recommend them. The one I got was badly made, didn't fit the bike (poor moulding, partly backwards!) and the lens had no seal and was banana shaped. Also the copies have no plug, so the wiring loom has to be cut - a no-no if you want to keep your bike original. If you want something that looks good and fits properly then go OEM.

    • I will check this weekend

    • I got an original for ya

    • wow , i got all 4 of mine off of ebay and they fit and work fine

    • How much are you thinking?