Hello everyone, I am looking for a SOLO SEAT for a drifter 800

Or where and what do you recommend to buy from?

Thank you for your time

Kind regards

  • I still have that Corbin. . I had knee replacement surgery and have been in the VA hosp with rehab.. next up is shoulder replacement.. sorry I haven't been home in a few weeks

  • Jim.. You are back !!

    I hope you are doing better .

    Please let me know when can we go ahead? My zip 55075..

  • Hey Jim.. How are you doing? I hope better.. Please send me a msg with you get a chance.. Thanks

  • I'm supposed to be able to go home today or tomorrow, crossing fingers (my home not just to the care facility, which has been home away from home)

  • Everything will work out for you.. Just give it a bit of time..

  • Thats what happens when the closest VA hosp is 220+ miles away from you.. overnight (weeks) stays

  • Hey Jim.. How you doing? Are you back home ?