W leading a Bimmer. LOL

W leading a Bimmer. LOL!

  • Studio shot this morning with my crappy handphone camera. Waiting for the pro's pictures.....

  • I dig it... Very original. Second best looking W in the world I'd say...

  • Haha. Let me guess, the best looking is in your garage? LOL!

  • Good guess !! :)

  • Are there many W650s in Singapore, Sarjeet?

  • Only ten 650s Azlan.

  • That's a lot more than in Malaysia! Haha!

    Kawasaki Malaysia told me "less than five units" were registered several years ago, before it stopped selling them. Must be the last few units of the production, since W650 were made until 2007, if I'm not mistaken.

    The last time I saw a W650 here was in late 2012, in my neighbourhood!

  • Rarer than hen's teeth then over there. :)

  • Ten W650's on an island-state that is Singapore... against "less than five" of them in Malaysia. Hmm... I'm sure it's easier to spot them in Singapore... :v

  • And I do know that there are a few W400's and Estrella 250's in Singapore. We have none of those, other than the one E.250 unit at Kawasaki Malaysia that was used for "research", most likely for its collaborative programs with its Malaysian partner, Modenas. It was registered and belongs to K.Malaysia. :(