Vilas Sali shared Motorcyclist Magazine's video to the group: Kawasaki Ninja Riders.

  • Nah.., when the group is good its bloody brilliant.., its just keeping these buggers engaged :-p

  • Got ya hands full there then lol

  • You on a mobile Sean Gamble? .., coz now your posts are duplicated.., I got that when posting from a mobile.., I think I have solved the mystery.

  • Yes im on my mobile. ..

  • Thats prob why you couldnt post and then they all came through at once.

  • Just type bump under this and it will go to the top of the group again.

  • Jay Tagz .., you might want to reenter your trade negotiations under this post.

  • whats for trade?

  • Oh balls.., wrong post.., I was talking about you asking Sean if he would accept a trade for his bike.

  • yeah true I would depending on distance but i think we are to far away