Video of the Thrush Muffler Install


Video of the Thrush Muffler Install!

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  • If you can find a flange to weld on the back of aftermarket exhaust so it will bolt to the factory flange attached to the header pipe it would be ideal I found one awhile back but misplaced it so I used the exhaust hanger/Clamp

  • And you will definitely need a heat shield for it my bed got extremely Hot after about 30 mins of riding!

  • That's the cat. And if I go through all of this I am gutting that for damn sure.

  • Oh ok your taking the cat off of it to? I added the Tip to it and it's not as loud/deep! Thinking about taking it off! Lol

  • You can actually use a sawsall and just cut off about 2" of the pipe that the cat is in and its all gone then. Or drill and pull it out piece by piece. ..

  • Yeah I didn't think about doing that I may try that!

  • It's really good for dropping running temps. Plus sound is better and it's more free flowing! !

  • Well I took the muffler off and took the Cat Out sounds a whole lot better!!

  • I was reading on some forums that with the Cat delete it reduces the heat coming from the exhaust by 100+ degrees, more air flow, better sound, and gain 2 more hp!!

  • Probably same one I am on.