• Video of my scorpion exhaust as requested

    Video of my scorpion exhaust as requested.

    • Thats nice sound i want to look also to new exhaust for my versys

    • Was on the bike when i bought it. Had 3000 miles on it when i got it and had been fitted with lots of the extras.

    • It sounds like a true enduro

    • Ergun Köroğlu Furkan Karataş

    • Ben bu motora egzoz takılmasına karşıyım. :) sesi güzel degil.

    • Ben karşı deilim. Motor olduğu belli olsun yahu. Ama mivv daha iyi :). Sanayide araba egzosu taktırıcam

    • Bende egsoz istiyorum ama cok pahalı

    • Did it cut down the heat on your leg? I'm starting to notice my stock exhaust is putting off a lot of heat.

    • Never had a stock exhaust. Not noticed any heat of this one.

    • Is this on a 650 cc

    • Yes it is.

    • I like the sound i have 1000 cc and wonder how that will sound at mine

    • Would sound great I would have thought.