im torn between the two mc's 200ns or this avi220. But seems like im 60% on avi hah! Is this mc good for short bursts of speed? Im into cruising but i burst like a mile or 2 depending on the road. Does it sound like a masculine mc? Looking forward for responses.. Drive safe!

  • Laking tulong to.. i rarely find avi220 riders here in Davao. Thanks man!

  • May error po ata sir, 16/42 combi po pala...,

  • Saka lowered at lightened nga po pala si Islaw, kaya po siguro kaya niya iachieve yung speed na minention ko...,

  • I can only speak for BN175 sir Paolo Antonio Colmenares, i don't own an avi...,

  • Copy boss. Basta may saktong timpla lang nng sprocket okay na ako

  • Aw thought that was on an avi

  • Yup, personally tried and tested, just kept running out of roads to test full potential, hanggang 4th gear and partial of 5th gear lang...,

  • I think what Sir Paolo Antonio Colmenares wants was the other way around, more on burst of acceleration,for a mile or 2,... not top speed; i think their sprocket set-up (gearing ratio) is not the same. Plus, maybe consider the recommendable chain.

  • This is all i need. Is this applicaple to avi220 sir Dënnïs Baronda?

  • i think almost all fuel powered bikes with regular type of gears/sprockets