• Versys versus Versys. HUN Kecsoring

    Versys versus Versys ( HUN - Kecsoring )

    • I junked my dunlop at 7k kms. and replaced it with pirelli scorpion trail. You can feel the difference in hard turning and a good grip in your leaning angle.

    • Candy Plasma Blue forever!

    • cool bro

    • Wow Versy track day great.

    • I've been wondering how the Versys would be on the track. With two other track bikes I haven't been to keen to find out. This pic has me motivated to now though. Thanks for posting it.

    • The factory Dunlops dangeros on track , now I have Michelin Pilot-Road II

    • Faisel - This is a go-kart track, not the speed, but the technology is important. Versys The lightweight and easy turns here.

    • I ride Michelin PR2 as well. Miller Motor sports Park is 40 minutes from my home, but I completely agree it's not the speed...although the speed does provide thrills.

    • a fren of mine also hitting the Go-Kart Track... :D

    • Friggin awesome!