Unless you re racing these things. legally. then why tinker with mapping etc

Unless you're racing these things ( legally ), then why tinker with mapping etc? How quick do we wish to lose our licenses? Can only assume we want some bragging rights over a beer!! Not going to believe any of that improved mileage baloney, cause you don't buy these for the mileage rights...do we?

  • Bike number 1

  • And bike number 2

  • change the exhaust to drop a ton of weight off, then re-map or pc to get the best performance for new set-up, no point just burning money or risking damaging anything for the sake of trip to a dyno

  • Stability under heavy braking and heavy acceleration is a neat trick of the 14. I've outbraked a lot of superbikes even on the track. I doubt any sportsbike would stay with a tuned Z from a dead stop start. Just my opinion chaps, not trying to start a war

  • My S1000RR brakes better and I suspect with launch control would have the initial edge over my generation 2 however love my ZZR

  • Love the RR, I fact I'm off to test ride one tomorrow.

  • Lovely bike but couldn't zap through Europe on one prefer my ZZR for that

  • Ryan Von Baron Williamson

    Got my zzr booked in with john Warrington motorcycles. Thanks for the heads up

  • Cool

  • What are the numbers your bike got Ryan Von Baron Williamson (hp)

  • 217 Jamie Fearnhead

  • That rear wheel Ryan Von Baron Williamson

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