Type R slip ons


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  • Pm me

  • What is the pricing ?

  • Any for the 750 carb version yet

  • Working on the 750 now be ready in a few weeks

  • Polished is $175.00 plus shipping matt black is $200.00 plus shipping

  • Let me know

  • Is it necessary to have a programmer to run this ?

  • No programmer is needed just a slip on

  • Pretty easy I assume to go from these during the summer and back to stock exhaust come deer season? Just 3 bolts?

  • Yes 3 bolts and theres a bolt on the rear of the frame your hanger slides threw i made these very simple to put on and remove

  • Pm sent Robert

  • It sounds awesome I like it and a good price. Jon Estridge get you go bro

  • Here...