Two questions


Two questions:

#1- does it void your warranty if you don't get that stupid"first service" done at a kawasaki dealer? Myth or fact?

#2- kawasaki oil vs off the shelf rotella 10/40... Are they going to void my warranty if I use something other than kawi oil?

I'd rather do my own maintenance and fluid changes than some high school drop out that they have working at the dealers... But will they hold it against me if I do my own? I'll document and keep receipts and logs of everything I do...thoughts?

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  • I had a dealer do my 20. They put in bulk 10-40 Yamaha oil. I will just keep the paperwork if I have a problem in the future. I will do my own changes from now own probably. Just wanted a paper trail for the first one and another set of eyes to maybe see something I may have missed. I'm certain that if we have any possible warranty issues, we will all have to put on the gloves and fight Kawasaki anyway...

  • How much did that first service cost you?

  • I bought a few other things but I would say the service was around $200. Don't have the ticket handy but that's pretty close I think. Their checklist was pretty extensive and they topped off all fluids

  • Thanks for the info Scott McCullough

  • I'm a GM at a huge powersports store in WV and no you don't have to do your service work at your dealer, but, keep all receipts and records if you do it yourself. If done at dealer, we keep computerized records if Kawasaki ever requests them if you do have issues later.

  • Excellent, thanks for clarifying Bobby N Payton Baldridge!

  • Yw Chris......Kawasaki makes awesome machines!

  • I own a 12 T4 and have done all my own service and it has not affected my well-used warranty.

    As far as oil, as long as it is jaso rated oil, you are fine.

  • I just did my first oil change cost was $39.99