Turned out very nice I think

Turned out very nice I think.

  • I have to agree with everyone else Alisdair, the bike is gorgeous and we need more pictures.

  • Have sent a message to 2 of the original mechanics so that should clear it up Angus.

  • Can they remember 20 years ago Alister lol

  • I'm almost certain that they aren't the same bike! In fact no less than 100% sure

  • Hows that then?

  • Because it's in our garage

  • Just to throw two pennys worth in...did the teams not have enough spares to build a complete second bike...and who knows what parts were used and when..when the bikes were originally sold you can be sure the best parts were sold on to other teams? Alasdair Cowan ans Matt Greenall

  • We bought ours off Stuart hicken who originally ran the team, I've seen a picture where there are 4 of the bikes all lined up so I'm guessing there both correct bikes there just not the same one

  • Ah ok...passages of time

  • Have sent you a message Matt Greenall