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kawasaki 220 avenger

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  • O well maybe I'll just get an xrm, there most sold bike in Philippines parts everywhere. Hmmm can i chop an xrm. :-)

  • yeah i have a xrm, good for around town, but a bit tiring on long rides, i choped a tmx made into a hardtail

  • If you like the eliminator 175, you'll like the avenger too.

  • ok thanks vic, they look like a comfortable bike for rider & passanger for longer rides

  • I would have gotten blue if they sold it here :(

  • it showed blue on the net for the philippines, allso black, silver & red which you have, ive only seen black and red here in eastern samar

  • Only black and red available in the philippines.

  • thanks vic, do you know why they dont have the blue and silver

  • Not a clue bro. Wild guess - they overstocked on red and black paint!

  • hahaha