Treated myself to a poor mans Go pro a few months ago here I am on my favourite...


Treated myself to a poor mans Go pro a few months ago, here I am on my favourite local roads to me the Mendip Hills.

I bought my second W650 in 2011 this was the first time I have ridden it naked (without my screen & top box)

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  • Hi Jerry you need to reduce the file size

  • Understood. But that will require me to visit a store and buy software. Just haven't done it yet. My service only uploads 20 mbps. :(

  • Who needs an R1 !

  • ... when an R-Head will do !! :v

  • Looks great Robert what make of camera is it the quality is very good .

  • Bob I purchased a dog cam sport last year. Took a few goes to harmonise but got there.


  • Its a great way to watch footage on a winters nite

  • Software is free on windows, dont know about Mac

  • What software? Name? Where to find it? The software with Windows 7 doesn't do much.

  • Windows movie maker. Free option to select when installing or free download from the website.

  • You are supposed to say "KilleR Vid" ! :/

  • "KippeR (y) ViD"

  • Nah it ain't the same... We are losing on tradition here. Not good.

  • Nah KilleR Flix ;-)

  • :-) Nice to see my comment helped :-P

  • Nice vid -- looking forward to getting back in the saddle on my W soon.

  • Hi Patrick my camera is a Vivatar DVR786HD its brilliant for just under £40

  • Thanks Robert must look one up

  • Thanks, Scott Heckingbottom and Robert Joseph Clements for your help. :)

  • Middle of a 3 part video.......

  • Some nice scenery

  • by the way, If you check back later it will be better. youtube editing made it very strange to watch. Removing it....

  • yeah, its about an hour from the beach. :)

  • Id love to ride your road someday, I might get killed though on the right side of the road...:)

  • Time for me to come clean my video was speeded up by 50% to keep the video time less than 3 minutes