Transformation starts with a seat thank you Christian Martelli Next up mini...


Transformation starts with a seat, thank you Christian Martelli. Next up mini indicators, short fenders, low bars. Eventually new exhaust, tires and a tank.

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  • I wish I could collect ALL the original seats, fenders, exhausts and signals and tanks. They'll be in high demand for future restorations.

  • Fint sete! Har akkurat begynt på transformasjon av en helt lik sykkel...

  • Jerry, I'm keepin mine. Plan on going forth and back. Next time I change it, it'll be in the style of cafe racer.

  • Jerry you need to watch Z1 the movie ;-)

  • Looks great Richard, where did you order it from? Or was it custom made...

  • It's a japanese brand AN-BU. Christian Martelli in this group helped me get it to Sweden. So chat him up if you're interested in buying one.

  • Will do mate many thanks...

  • hi, limited quantities, feel free to contact me for inquiries and orders ;)

  • Richard Lindberg how is the seat working out for you? Happy and comfy??

  • Happy

  • Ok great, thanks for the feedback mate