• Torsten Friebel shared his photo to the group: Kawasaki W650.

    For Sale

    More information: www.flpweb.com

    • Good for you. I guess the daily dumb ass found you !! ;)

    • I do not believe, because these were several prospective customers. I could choose to whom I sell them.

    • All the same to me. You just don't toss 7500€ at a 15 year old bike with 1500€ worth of accessories if you know a bit about the market and the model. But I'm glad it panned out so well for you brother... ;)

    • I have sold them for 6000€. In addition, the original parts for 1500€. Therefore I have received in 7500€.

    • Nice!! What's next Torsten Friebel?

    • Maybe a V2...

    • :) Would like to see that :)

    • Nice bike, Torsten.

    • 1) don't know what did you do to that engine

      2) I will have to procure some more aftermatket parts as the bike is lovely, but not 100% to my taste

      3) I love the bike stock... So will have the work to rebuild it... Assuming the is no permanent damage done...

      4) I am buying...you are selling :)

    • Damn.... Where did your post go?