Took mine to the local classic vintage vehicle run yesterday from Hull up to...


Took mine to the local classic/vintage vehicle run yesterday, from Hull up to Sewerby Hall near Bridlington, being 26, she fit right in :-).

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  • Know the area well my friend, grew up in Hull & Driffield moved over to the lake district where I have lived for 46 yes and ride the faster D model ha

  • Not really bothered which is faster, C or D, as I always ride to the speed limit, honestly. ;-)

  • Whatever load of chap anyway

  • Gawd is this another page where it's " my tools bigger than yours" lol I've got the C1 model it's not the bike it's the rider

  • No I reckon their bout same anyway all good bikes☺

  • Looking immaculate for 26 years old! Enjoy!