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Hey a few months ago I posted about my site.

(I'm asking here as I need someone with experience).

I've completely overhauled the site but I've not had time to write a lot recently due to university. So I'm looking for a volunteer. This would be you giving up your own time (unpaid). In exchange, I offer you the opportunity for your article to be seen my at least 200 people(probably more as the site expands).

You can choose your own topic aimed at new riders.

Alternatively, I'm looking for an editor for FB as well.

FB: uk

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  • I like your test articles - have a few on my site like that too

  • I have one main article the others were just to test the site's spacing etc. They'll be deleted tomorrow as I intend to get another post out

  • Chill mate, it's all good.

  • Nice bike .... great photo ... great location ;-) PS That is my photo!! :-)

  • Check my blog and let me know if you like any of my posts, I'll be happy to share material with you as long as I'm credited as the author:

  • I know :3

  • I know ;) Still on the cover. I placed them under a user submitted section as I didn't want people to think I'd taken them. Even though you volunteered to give it to me I still don't believe It should appear as mine. Out of respect for you giving it me.

  • I like these posts. I'll send you a message in a moment.

  • Thank you Tony I appreciate that :-) good luck with your site (y)