Tomorrow is our 6 week follow up echo this boy has had us on pins and needles...

Tomorrow is our 6 week follow-up echo... this boy has had us on pins and needles for weeks with these hives/rashes. Praying for a positive outcome tomorrow.

  • Prayers!

  • How long has he been having the hives/rashes? Is he on Aspirin?

  • Over 3 weeks and yes, 40mg a day... we were already at the pediatrician on day 4, but we're told 'it's likely a virus'... every KD parents 'favourite' term

  • My son developed an aspirin allergy. He was on high dose Aspirin for about 7-8 days then he came home on Aspirin at 81mg a day. Then about about a week after he was release from the doctor, he got a rash. We went to the doctor, he said it was viral. That was a Wednesday. Sunday morning I woke up to my son's sips swollen beyond belief. That was the real beginning of his allergic reaction that put him in the hospital for two days and huge hives worked their way around his body. He was on Rob's of allergy meds. We eventually saw an Allergist and determined he's allergic to all NSAIDS.

  • Renee House sorry to hear that, hope he's ok now! I wondered about the allergy, but drs don't seem concerned (as usual)...

  • It was pretty alarming but was thankful it never hindered his breathing or anything like that. It makes me sad though to think that he can't take so many medications. I was sick a couple weeks ago and taking Advil cold and sinus. I sat on the couch crying because he's not able to take that medication. If he gets sick, he won't be able to find the same relief. Sucks. Well, since your son's rash has been going on for so long maybe it's not allergy. I don't know. Hope everything goes well tomorrow. High five to your little guy.

  • that would be so tough. Thank-you Renee

  • Fingers crossed!

  • Let us know how it goes! <3

  • Hey everyone, thanks for the positive vibes and well wishes! His echo was clear! He will continue low dose aspirin for another 3 months and will have his next echo/cardiology follow-up early April. We see the pediatrician Monday, so hopefully we can get some insight on these hives/rashes then. But all in all, moving in the right direction!

  • Absolutely warms my heart to hear that! Hopefully more good news on Monday to ease the mind.

  • Jumping in to compliment his gorgeous eyes!! Glad the echo was clear.