Todays Zed proper old skool touch home made cork gasket


Todays Zed, proper old skool touch, home made cork gasket

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  • Not worried about the colour. It's more about condition. Don't want one with missing tabs, cracks or previous repairs!

  • I'll let you know when I know

  • You breaking this one?

  • Yes I will be doing over the weekend probably

  • You putting the bits on here or on your eBay account?

  • They will be listed in my eBay shop eventually but I try to give folks on here first shout

  • Not long brought this one, as you can see it needs panels, it's a shame to break as it's one owner 16,000 on the clock,

  • That's got the makings of a real nice one by the looks of it the panels on this one probably won't do it justice however I'll give you a shout when they're off

  • This is my other one

  • The panels/tank are straight and undamaged but are a non original purple/orange so it's been a different colour at some time and I'll be offering the panels in the order I was asked for them, but I will get to you Ian

  • Nice to see the old skills arnt dead .Next you will be getting a copper head gasket inealing it then reusing it .lol

  • A guy I used to know was so poor he ran an old British bike with an oil pump that was dug out of the dirt floor of someone's shed, bent valves hammered straight, and a worn speedway tyre he found in a skip...

  • I used to go round the back of the big dealers and get my tyres .People throw away good tyres just for fashion or get the latest super tyre

  • Yeah, I've done that. Used part worn tyres as well. You could get perfectly good tyres for 10 or 20 quid.

  • I still do iam not paying £150 quid for the latest super duper hyper go faster pice of crap that in reality is no better than the one before lol

  • i think we all use part worn time to time who puts new tryes on a secod hand bike when they buy it