To be fair to the group and I want this remembered it was me who invited John...

To be fair to the group "and I want this remembered", it was me who invited John Gardner into this fine group, so I have sentenced myself to adopting the Naughty Ninja for a period of 24 hours!

  • Too late Gilles Laframboise .., I have the stones already in my shoes :-o

  • empty them and go riding... ninja style!!!

  • This guy was brought in via a fellow member so I didnt check his profile "which we always do", and it turned out that he was an impostor and not in fact a Ninja, so he was removed "Ninja style" and I have learnt a lesson :-p

  • Lol true that it's all good man.

  • wonder how many friends request you get dressed like that !!

  • 67 so far! :-/

  • It was actually Mike who raised the issue, a fellow member which I cant quite remember right now invited him into the group, I just assumed that he was Ninja.., only another 23 hours and 10 mins to go :-p

  • When I said, "and I want this remembered" is because the next naughty Ninja I dish out, I dont want any whinging about it because I am prepared to adopt the naughty Ninja also :-p

  • Lol Andy. Wanting punishment but no one will.. so ya just do it yourself?