To all members the internet is huge but lets shrink this sucker we are...


To all members.., the internet is huge but lets shrink this sucker.., we are spread all over this planet and each have something wonderful about the areas that we live in.., please get posting your bike in front of beautiful places where you all live..., I have pinned a post at the top of the group to facilitate this :-)

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  • heard on the radio that dallas was voted best skyline in the USA, photos coming soon

  • Can I put up a photo of the bike in front of me I'm large enough to be a monument. Lol

  • Not the prettiest.. shrink runs good until today when I seem to have lost my key? Any ideas on if I can get a new one somehow?

  • She* not shrink

  • She is not pretty at all, I think the best thing to do would be to push her over that edge ahead.

  • It looks like something Mad Max would ride :-p