TO ALL MEMBERS the count for the beauty contest has been extended until...

TO ALL MEMBERS..., the count for the beauty contest has been extended until Wednesday or until Sean Sziklas has received sufficient votes to ensure his bike wins its category.., the story goes that Sean and another member Joshua ApimpNamedslick Ridgway lost their tempers and displayed conduct unbecomming a Ninja, and as such were sentenced to display the Naughty Ninja badge for a period of 24 hours.., Joshua upheld his commitment to the group and took it on the chin, however Sean didnt.., he has now stated that if his bike wins its category he will display the Naughty Ninja badge for 24 hours..., so can I ask you ALL to vote for Sean Sziklas's bike on the beauty contest.., I have his assurance that if he wins category he will display it.., my apologies to those members who entered into the MID RANGE category but this is personal ;-)

  • All the MID RANGE bikes that have been posted are beautiful.., but yours sean just stands out from the rest.., and if it dosnt then I will make bloody sure that it does!! lmfao!!!

  • No it doesn't

  • TJ... TJ... TJ... TJ

  • It does Sean.., its a thing of beauty :-D

  • I did'nt plant them , your imagination did that ......all I did was wink ;) :D

  • Is this not a thing of beauty?

  • We are all naughty ,that's why we have ninja's .....on that note I bid you goodnight ;)

  • Boooo!!!

    This contest is a fix...

    I'm taking my bike and going home ... and spitting my dummy out on the way out the door....


    Now that I have been childish and silly can I go on the naughty step along with the naughty ninja please.... PLEASE?!!!

  • For you Shaun Edmondston , have her back in one piece :-p

  • Ah!!

    The competition is still a fix and still deserves a boo ... But I'm happy now and don't care anymore.

    (I was in second place to the red bike so still quite pleased with that!!)