To all members because of the resent friction regarding male members posting...

To all members..., because of the resent friction regarding male members posting pictures of sweet Ninja gurl asses, and certain female members getting their panties in a twist about it, I have been forced to create a DO's and DONT's list...

DO... Continue to enjoy this group in whatever way you wish to.

DONT... Think that because you dont like something, that the other 2624 members should abide by your wishes.

  • will have the save the frog group on our back... because of that pic... lollll

  • I dont think that frog needs saving :-p

  • No kawasaki involved here lol

  • But the frog's green! :-D

  • just in case... ;-)

  • mean green machine... lolll

  • Well said some people need to grow a thicker skin

  • many long term members, "yourself including" know how I run this ship, it isnt with an iron fist but a tickling stick! :-p .., I have great respect for every single member of this group regardless of sex, and I will defend all with my last key stroke!, I found it rather confusing that Theresa cheered so highly during gurls week and was so eager to participate, yet seen a problem with members posting images of very attractive female Ninja arses.., granted there was two in very quick succession.., I just dont personally think that OUR NINJA GURLS.., need protecting!.., I liked Theresa alot but I dont feel she really fitted in here, she was free at anytime to post whatever she wanted of the male variety, and there were times when she did.., ah well :-)

  • I'm here for the bikes but I know you guys like the accessories you can't help it lol

  • Ann-marie Ogden , You are a great sport and a valued member.., even if you are a gurl! :-D

  • I am just kidding :-p

  • All female members who felt less of a Ninja Girlie because of those pictures can fill out a "butt hurt report", to all the rest who took it exactly how it was meant.., I salute your Ninja-ness! :-D