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We had reported a few months back that Kawasaki is preparing a 250cc version of the Versys. Seems like the new motorcycle is all set to hit the showroom floors. Our Indonesian friends are reporting t

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  • The reason I bought the Versys at the first place was how playful the torque was, and how manageable the engine for longer trip

    With only 250??? Currently in the sub 400 class the KTM Duke offers the best torque but still nowhere near the 650

  • With the Super Sherpa no longer available, at least here in the U.S., it's a smart move for Kawasaki.

  • A 250 is a good-sized bike for many markets, with a 650 being absolutely huge and a 1000 unthinkable. Many of those markets have tax structures based on engine size that reinforce those ideas. So putting a 250cc engine that they've already got, ie the 2cyl ninja 250 mill makes financial sense if they're trying to catch a new segment. They're looking for a lightweight tourer, so I can see it. Might not work here, but I bet it'll do well in SE Asia.

  • Definitely

  • Its a fake picture...i think, i am sure that the engine on this pictures its of Ninja 250.

  • The article said it was a ninja 250 engine.

  • Smaller bikes is probably the future.

  • Could happen. In the UK little to few big bikes are sold compared to lower cc models. Hence lexmoto.

  • I just like the idea of another versatile bike in another engine size. Also, it would be more off-road worthy.

  • Versys is my favourite bike. The reason I was not considering buying one, is that 650 is too much for my needs and my wallet. If they actually make a 250 version, I'm getting it!

  • 650 is small in sweden

  • And it's considered medium in Greece. But I can't maintain a 650 financially, and I don't drive long distances, so it would be too much. In general, in Athens were I live, 650 is the standard and I see 3-4 versys a day when I drive. Really beautiful bike.

  • I read an article about what to expect in the future and its smaller bikes and less horsepower. 1000cc and 200hp have opened the eyes on the politicians.

  • sweet! i'm also excited to see bmw's new 310 GS model.

  • It's OK but the engine ruins it.

  • You also get little for the money. Being a BMW they charge more for the same Japanese version.