Time to upgrade the head cam Hero3 Was simply going to fire up the fleabay...


Time to upgrade the head-cam (Hero3). Was simply going to fire up the fleabay and start comparing. Anybody had any involvement in purchasing a decent one lately? Thanks in advance.

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  • Go for DriftGhost S.

  • Thanks a lot. Did you get one or know someone who did?

  • I have 3 of them and a Drift Stealth2. 3hours batt life,full 1080 at 60 fps,streamlined,light

  • Thank you for that, don't suppose you have a small sample of any filming I could see? On your You Tube page or anything?

  • Got the drift stealth , £100 but they do a better one with remote control for £250 am really pleased with mine and isn't as big as the go- pro and your crash helmet either, also download the app and can use your phone to control the camera , well worth a look , I'm going to buy another for long trips away for front and rear filming

  • Thank you Tony, will add it to my list (y)

  • +1 for Drift Stealth, for the price, might as well have 2. Use 1, charge 1

  • Filming done at 720p 30fps

  • Phil, that's just great, much appreciated mate

  • Drift Ghost S Mounting ideea. Also I use an external mic that is away from the wind

  • Filmed with a drift Ghost HD, sorry about there being no sound . https://youtu.be/eAEzsdf0G-Y

  • The mic is way in the tail( under the center piece)

  • I have the contour roam 3 as my main helmet cam for recording all the fucktards around me just in case. I also have a go pro hero 5 black which i use on various mounts around the bike for great footage. Personally if you're considering a drift id wait for the 4k version due out with image stabilisation.

  • I'd definitely be looking to go for the better mike Dascalu, had the gopro3 to get started and wind noise was a definite let down :-(

  • The mic that I use is the one that drift provided. Untill I will manage to find a better mic ,this will work.

  • Cheers Pete, would like to stay wuth go pro but image stabilisation sounds good. Definitely decided to improve on sound recording this time so ill look if the 4k version can accept it (y)

  • The hero 5 black has excellent image stabilisation and is tiny enough to fit anywhere mate