• Time to see what this will do

    Time to see what this will do...

    • Put it in cd player and press play.

    • It'll play Bonnie Tyler, Faster than the speed of light.......:-)

    • Old one oot new one in!

      Gasket absolutely buggered! Trying to get the remains of the cover and make a new one.

      Watch this space

    • Snap a hacksaw blade in two and grind an edge on it, best gasket scraper ever.

    • So....got the old gasket off after an hour careful scraping and cleaned up the case.

      Made a new gasket (I have a decent supply of gasket paper) and got the cover back on!


      Started easily enough and ran like a sweetie...

      But found a water leak...thought there might have been as the bike had been hearing up in traffic alarmingly quickly recently.

      Turned out to be a perished hose that connects to the union from the aluminium pipe under the bike

      Stuck a new length on

      Started her up, and she starts leaking.....

      Pissed of so left it for tonight.

      Tomorrow I'll put a little silicon on the union and refit the hose with a jubilee clip.

      But tonight can't be arsed.

    • I put one in seamed great took it back out seamed sluggish so it's back in running great smoother throttle response power all through rev range upto the limiter