Time to let these horses run. Let s ride

Time to let these horses run. Let's ride

  • Had mine at 200 km a while back and she was just purring

  • Which one is that? Do you notice a performance increase?

    Looking to get either a hypercharger or one of those...the pw3 and exhaust need it

  • James Forrest I'll meet you half way (2.5hrs)!!

  • Let's ride

  • varoooooooooooooooooooom

  • Nice paint. Your bike has a cool look. One day gotta to change my stock paint. Except it still shines like new.

  • The paint has a awesome look. Very nice.

  • here is a little better view

  • and the dark side

  • The Hypercharger sucks for the 2k. Anything is better... the intake is not polished inside for a smooth air flow. Where the intakes with the cone shape filter is all polished with a much better air flow. I do have photos of both intakes to prove what I just said. Don't spend money on a Hypercharger...

  • Agree with Mike. There was an independent study done some years ago.. several intakes were tested. The hypercharger performed worse than the stock intake.

  • I have the tornado with chrome cover....

  • I like the dual intakes. Tuff looking scoot

  • The point is to allow more air in...